non-diet nutrition intervention approach

an approach to stop the dieting and overeating cycle

Has your chronic dieting history caused unwanted long-term outcomes including unwanted weight gain? This intervention is aimed at healing challenges with food and body, and stopping the cycle of dieting, and overeating. This approach uses Mindfulness Based Eating Awareness Training

(MB-EAT), and was designed specifically for someone who needs a lifestyle change for better health and an improved relationship with food. 

You should apply to work with me if you

- consider yourself a chronic dieter

- struggle with overeating/bingeing 

- constantly think about food and weight

- feel addicted to or out-of-control around food

- find it difficult to fully enjoy dining out, vacations,

or other experiences where food is less controlled

- have tried every diet in the book, but are scared to stop dieting

My approach will help you:

- learn how to eat without dieting

- get to the weight your body is the healthiest at by learning to intuitively eat and intuitively exercise

-learn to eat all foods with enjoyment and without guilt

- reconnect to your own body, using mindful awareness,  so you can learn how to feed it

- TRUST YOUR BODY so you can stop dieting and start enjoying your life. 

Clients for this approach can be seen in-person or virtually, in the comfort of your own home. 

Apply to work with me
Are you 100% committed to achieving your goals RIGHT NOW?

Christina Scalese, RDN LD RYT

LakeWest DBT Center

28901 Clemens Road, Suite 101

Westlake, Ohio 44145


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