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Wellness: The new buzzword?

Google says the definition of this word is, “The state of being in good health, especially as an actively pursued goal."⠀ I see a lot of posts using this word to market or sell something nowadays. So what does it actually mean? OK - the goal of pursuing good health. So if we break that down, it can mean:⠀ ✅being, physically, in great health⠀ ✅eating healthy⠀ ✅exercising regularly⠀ ✅meditating⠀ ✅having a good work/life balance⠀ ✅being happy ⠀ Maybe you check all (or most) of those boxes. On paper, one might say you are pretty close to achieving overall wellness. But what about what goes on behind-the-scenes? ⠀ What if, on paper, it really looks like this:⠀ 😕being, physically, in great health - but you struggle with constant judgments about your body ⠀ 😕eating healthy - but you feel an⠀ an overwhelming sense of guilt when you eat "unhealthy" foods or use measures to ignore your hunger⠀ 🙁exercising regularly - but you use it as a form of punishment, or going to the gym significantly impacts other areas of your life (cutting out plans with family/friends to work out)⠀ 😕meditating - but you judge yourself for not doing it often, or long, enough⠀ 😕having a good work/life balance - but you aren't really present for either⠀ 😕being happy - but you look in the mirror and scrutinize your stomach, arms, thighs or number on the scale⠀ It's not looking so black-and-white on paper anymore, is it?⠀ No one is going to be perfect at all of these things (eating, exercising, body image, meditation, relationships, work). BUT THE MERE ACCEPTANCE OF THAT fact is essential. ⠀ Let’s try adding these to your wellness checklist:⠀ ✅Non-attachment (to the ideal body shape/size)⠀ ✅Non-judgment (towards your eating, & your body's need for rest - and for your body, itself) ⠀ ✅Self-compassion (towards who you are, what you look like, and any struggles you encounter on your journey for betterment - including learning to eat intuitively).⠀ Now we’re talkin...

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