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The Scale in your Bathroom or the Scale Within You?

Is the scale your worst nightmare? Are you constantly stepping on it? ⠀ Does it really matter what it says? If you answered “yes it does!”, have you asked yourself why? What you weigh is a measurement, just like your height and shoe size. Some may argue that it's not the same; we can’t change our height and shoe size, but we can change our weight. And how much weight we gain or lose makes us look different. I know, I get it. ⠀ But when you are constantly chasing a number on the scale, your exercise and eating behaviors are driven by that chase, and that's backward thinking. You unlearn, if you will, how to be attuned to your own body; ignoring hunger, fullness, and cravings. Ignoring your own body. And that’s why diets don’t work and why you end up in a constant fight against your body to get your weight down. Goodbye inner peace and hello years weight cycling accompanied by guilt, shame, and embarrassment. I don't believe the scale is your friend. But it’s not your enemy either. It’s just an object. It shouldn’t have the power to make your day or ruin it. It’s a machine. I don’t want you to feel anything about it. It doesn’t define you. You don’t have to be scared (or stripped down with no clothes, first thing in the morning) to step on it. ⠀ You also don’t have to step on it at all! Read that again. ⠀ The only scale you need to be paying attention to is the one inside of you - your hunger and fullness scale. THIS is the one I want you to get to know better. ⠀ Let’s stop focusing on weight and start focusing on what your body and mind are telling you. THIS IS WHERE THE MAGIC HAPPENS!💥⠀ If you’ve spent half your life, or more, chasing a number, I have to ask - are you tired yet?⠀ If you are, and you’re ready to be done with the chase but aren’t sure how to do it, fill out my application to see if you're a good fit for my intuitive and mindful eating program.

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