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Anti-Diet Does Not Mean Anti-Health

Being opposed to dieting, and the dieting industry does not mean you are opposed to bei

ng healthy. ⠀

This is an important thing to talk about. ⠀

The dieting industry is promoting weight loss, not health and those two things are very different. Being at a lower weight does not mean perfect health automatically comes along with it. I've counseled enough men and women over my career to see that for myself, not to mention the impact on mental health it can have. ⠀

The problem with dieting is that it perpetuates the idea that health and happiness come with weight loss, and if you can't do it - or maintain it - it's your fault. As I said in my previous post, dieting, diet rules, etc. teach you to trust outside sources to feed your body, instead of yourself. 👉We were born with an innate ability to feed ourselves according to our bodies' needs. 👈 It's just somewhere along the way (some as early as 5 years old), we were taught that we can't trust that intuition. ⠀

When we switch the focus to health, not weight, magical things start to happen physically and mentally. That intuition that you were born with, starts to come back. You learn how to trust yourself again. You learn that your body does, in fact, communicate with you what it needs. You learn to eat foods that honor your health and make you feel good AND foods that you really enjoy. It's not one or the other. It's not good and bad. You learn to exercise in a way that honors your body's need for movement. It brings back respect for your own body, your health, and food, AND brings enjoyment back to eating.⠀

Fear not though! Your body will take care of you. It loves you and wants you to love it. Your body knows the weight it wants to be at, it just needs you to trust it to do its job. ⠀

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