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Christina Scalese, RDN LD RYT

With private coaching, I help people stop dieting and learn to trust their body to tell them what, when and how much to eat, using mindful and intuitive eating practices. Becoming an intuitive eater can be freeing and life-changing.

Let's get started!


I am dedicated to helping people develop a positive relationship with food, body and mind through my private coaching program. I believe that the practice of mindfulness and gratitude, combined with a healthy body and mind are necessities when it comes to achieving overall wellness. And from that mindset, T.A.S.T.E was born. 

I invite you not only to live life, but to  T.A.S.T.E. life.  

TUNE IN to the moment before you

ACCEPT YOURSELF, your body and your mind

SLOW DOWN AND SAVOR on your plate, your mat and everywhere in between

TAKE TIME TO MOVE and respect what your body can do

ENJOY LIFE, simply put

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